Care Services

Care Services

Personal Care

Companion care is an important part of the in-home care process, allowing people who don’t require extensive care and assistance the ability to age in place without being lonely or unsafe. Our companion or homemaker care providers can perform several services for those who don’t require “hands on” personal care, but need a little help to remain at home. All of these services can be personalized to meet the needs of you and your family.

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One of the most important services that any of the care providers we refer can perform is companionship. As we age, our circle of family and friends slowly diminishes, and living at home can become lonely. Care providers can go to movies, restaurants, and other social activities with clients, as well as help with letter writing, reading, playing games, stimulating conversation, and other enjoyable activities.

Is cooking hard on your body, or does it cause safety concerns? The care providers we refer can assist with grocery shopping, preparing and cooking meals, cleaning, and monitoring diet and nutrition. All care providers can help clients maintain a well-balanced and nutritional diet, or stay on a particular diet to manage a variety of medical conditions. Another added benefit of this service is regularly having someone to share a meal with!

Any of the care providers we refer can assist with light housekeeping duties such as changing linens, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming, caring for houseplants, and other general housekeeping tasks.

Any of the care providers we refer can assist with errands and shopping. They can either accompany you or your loved one on shopping excursions, or run errands for the client, such as gathering and dropping off mail, picking up prescriptions and groceries, and other general shopping.

Sometimes you just want to know that your loved one is being looked after and is safe, especially if you don’t live near them or can’t check in regularly. Any of the care providers we refer can regularly observe and ensure that proper safety measures are in place for your loved one.

We know the special bond between people and their pets, so the care providers we refer can help take care of your pet so you can continue enjoying their company. Care providers can take animals on walks, feed and groom them, and take them to the vet.

Incidental – Any of the care providers we refer can offer transportation and/or accompaniment to events, locations, or non-emergency doctor or dental appointments.

Emergency – Transportation in emergency situations can be carried out by CNAs/HHAs, or RNs. These care providers can prep the client for transport, assist them in and out of the vehicle, monitor them on the way, and arrange professional emergency transportation if necessary.

Cosmetic Assistance is generally provided by Companions or Homemakers, who can help with daily cosmetic activities such as hair care, shaving, applying lotion, nail care and filing nails, and also clothing and outfit selection. In the event of a diabetic client, a CNA/HHA, or RN is necessary for nail care.

For a number of physical reasons, some clients need help getting dressed. This service includes outfit selection as well as physical assistance with getting dressed.

We hope we have answered all your questions. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us at 770- or for further assistance!

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